Islam And Significance of Philanthropy

Generosity, in simple words, indicates performances done forth wellbeing of.

Every religion has humanitarian approach and philosophy. Islam is no exemption; in fact, Islamic commands make acts of charity compulsory. Though, for many in the west, the idea of philanthropy is not a feature that is probable to be related with Islam. In its place of compassion, sympathy, mercy, generosity and love of mankind, normally westerners incline to describe Islam by such features as ferocity, terrorism, intolerance, totalitarianism, subjugation of women, etc.

There are two explanations for this grave delusion: their unawareness of the Quran and the traditions of the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him); and the reckless attitude of certain Muslims. In fact, Islamic manuscripts contain frequent injunctions to perform good performances and to help fellow humans.

Islam was the first and foremost religion in the world who introduced ideology of philanthropy and assistance of fellow beings regardless of their color, culture, race, class, and faith.

The Holy book of Islam says that those who share their wealth and possession with poor and deprived people and serve his relatives, orphans, wayfarer, and slaves is considered as virtuous and righteous.

Such types of people also fulfill needs and demands of those who ask. Islam has strongly highlighted importance of good relations and services with relatives. It is morally obligatory for anybody to construct good relations and contact with kith and kin. Through these actions and performances, one can easily enjoy highest and supreme blessings and likeness of Allah Almighty.

Helping and assisting others in their adverse conditions is in our favor and will bring internal peace and sense of security. Moreover, there are many traditions and sayings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) in which concept and significance of philanthropy has been highlighted.

There is Hadith of the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) which means person will attain paradise when he possesses faith or belief and for attaining faith, he will have to serve and love his fellow beings. By doing this, he will get compassion of his Lord. Allah Almighty will not bless those who has no love, affection and sympathy for other people.

It shows that our eternal success in hereafter is directly belong to our dealings and behaviors with others and how we serve them. Thus, we must emulate this ideology in our routine life with positive approach.

Islam has introduced a complete system of philanthropy and tells us how to implement it in practical sense.

All kinds of philanthropy are discussed in Islam. Basically there are two kinds of philanthropy in Islam. One is obligatory, mandatory and other is called voluntary. Obligatory philanthropy is compulsory on all Muslims; they must be paid in all conditions come what may.

Zakat, Zakatul-fitr are types of compulsory charities. Muslims are enjoined to share their property and capital with needy and poor people. On the other hand, there are some involuntary like sadaka and waqk which can be given at any time. On the whole, philanthropy must be practiced in all walks of life.

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