Fonseca frustrated by demands of AS Roma's fixture schedule

The government has not immediately reacted to Boko Haram claim or confirmed its authenticity, and the number of missing students remains unclear — 320 or 333, according to two accounts by officials, while locals in Kankara put it at more than 500.

“In a case where a company continues not to fulfil its obligations, in this category, we can go up to suspension of authorisation. That is the last resort. We may also have temporary bans against any persons discharging managerial responsibility,” he said.

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In October 2012, Microsoft launched four Bing apps on Windows 8; News, Weather, Finance, and Sports. Less than one year later, habertürk in August 2013, those apps made their way to Windows Phone with a mobile-optimized design.

Students left footwear behind at the school as they were abducted by the gunmen

Russian prosecutors are appealing the decision to free Dmitry Loshagin, 44, just five years after he was found guilty of breaking the neck of Yulia Loshagina, 26, after a row at a rooftop party.

Older adults and retirees can qualify for a stimulus check, but there are exceptions.

People who owe child support could have their stimulus money garnished.

Some parents who share custody of a child dependent could each get more stimulus money.

You don’t have to be a US citizen living in America to get a check.

A different process may be required for people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance.

Certain issues could delay your check, such as if you recently moved.

The Commission proposal includes setting up an EU-wide network of security operations centres to detect early signals of imminent cyberattack, and creating a joint cyber unit to boost cooperation between EU bodies and national authorities.

Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP via Getty Images

The only total solar eclipse of 2020 has come and gone, but it won’t be forgotten. The remarkable celestial event took place Monday when the moon stepped in front of the sun, blocking out the fiery disk and creating temporary darkness along its path of totality. You can check out the replay videos below.

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