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Saints running to Alquin-Kamara: Nothing required to be traded and threatened

When Alvin Kamara hopes to get a new contract of the Saints of New Orleans, the resulting thing happened to have a small wave. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that Kamara and brokers denied any claim that they requested to be traded and threatened.

Magara and broker on Tuesday, I did not ask for two people to be traded by Saints. In addition, they believe that they have been actively negotiated with the team. Kamara has also never threatened.

It has been reported that the Saint is willing to trade Kamara.

cheap nfl jerseys wholesale TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported later that after receiving the back epidural injection of the back epidural injection, Kamara is now agreed to train in Wednesday. Perrisir also reported that Kamara and Saints have made progress in renewal negotiations, but there are differences in some time. However, wholesale jerseys from china although Kamara did not propose transaction requirements, Perry Roose reported that the Saints did not rule out the possibility of trading and they did not lack trading objects. It has been staying in the wishes of Kamara for a long time, and the Saint has always been targeted.

La Potter quickly released the latest progress, he reported that both parties have “calm down” and still talk about renewal negotiations, Kamara has been talking about Sean Payton, still planning on Wednesday. train.

After the training of Kamara, cheap nfl jerseys from china TV reporter Mike Garafolo reported that Kamara denied that this is absence of no reason, he said absence due to injuries.

But Kamara is indeed contradictory in the contract. He is only $ 2.1 million this year, far below other high-paying guards. He was injured last season, but still promoted 1330 yards in the offensive group.

When the Saint Saints goes with a super bowl champion, sweep all the noise, sign the new contract with Kamara and let him return to the court should be the most sensible choice.

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