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Tim Tibo will go to Philadelphia Eagle trial

According to ESPN reporter news, Philadelphia Eagle tried to Tim Tim Tim Tebow on Monday, USA.

Ti Bo left the cheap nfl jerseys bench in 2013, apparently he has been preparing for the return. Earlier this month, I reported that he will participate in the old training camp held by Arizona.

Timbo enhances his passing technology under the guidance of Tom House this year, House said: “His pass is not very accurate, there is no very good arc, so improves accuracy And let the ball are better to rotate. ”

As far as the eagle is in the case, no one knows which four defense they will use, so this time can only be said to be an attempt, if Tibo and free jerseys cheap the eagle sign, he has to do it nfl jerseys from china that accept paypal the third in addition to step training. Replace the four-point guard prepare.

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